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‘Panch Kriti -Five Elements’ a thought provoking film ,5 distinct narratives but 1 message to showcase rich Indian customs


Film ‘Panch Kriti’ will usher a cinematic revolution in many ways. It is an anthology of five distinct yet related and interesting stories set in the little village of Chanderi. It is one-of-a-kind and  adventurous route of hybrid narrative telling. The one constant is a little town named Chanderi in Bundelkhand, a hilly terrain spread over India’s states of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. Considered backward, yet Bundelkhand is popular for its geographic beauty and rich culture. History is replete with examples of how this region’s distinct cultural attributes give strength to the entire nation. The five narratives in the film are based on actual occurrences. This film is bound to wow spectators through thought-provoking storytelling, brilliant cinematography and soothing music. Filmmakers cite it as an example of enthralling entertainment that supports nation-building with a focus on Indian cultural ethos, history, heritage and traditions – vividly depicted on the perfect medium of celluloid in cinema.  

Actor Brijendra Kala has won the hearts of fans over the years with his great acting performance, is among the cast members, along with Purva Parag, Umesh Bajpai, Sagar Wahi, Sarika Bharoliya Maahi Soni ,Kuraangi Nagraj, Harveer and Ruhana Khanna.

The unique strategy to promote and distribute the upcoming film ‘Panchkriti’ is talk of the nation. Exceptional content is at the core, while a robust footfall by audiences is driven by a lucky draw of attractive prizes that have utility. Audience will enjoy the creative and tasteful content, a true showcase of rich rural cultural heritage of India. Undeniably, audience will be thrilled with an opportunity to win three lucky draw bupmer prizes in each screening. Winners walk away with prizes of not just great utility but also out of reach for some of them. At the heart of the strategy is to draw attention and audiences to good cinema that otherwise needs big stars and huge budgets in marketing and promotion. It is also the objective of the production house to breathe new life into single screens across the rural heartland of India. This effort will cultivate and stimulate a much-needed platform for exceptional talent and creativity in cinema in diverse regions of India.  

Producers have worked with distributors, theatre owners, product manufacturers and audiences to create a new paradigm in the Bollywood industry, and perhaps also inspire a global movement. The magical world of family entertainment and cinema-going will get a boost; small budget exceptional content makers and amazing regional talent will find a new and deserved space. The campaign seeks to gain the trust and boost confidence among distributors and screen owners who are understandably hesitant to simply exhibit good films!

Herculean effort has been mounted to create a win-win situation for the audience, producers, distributors, cinema owners and more.

Producers also wish to highlight that the marketing strategy also generates thousands of jobs with each film cycle, from vendors to manufacturers and logistics personnel. We are confident of smiles across the board. Watch out for the release of the film PANCHKRITI. Enjoy exceptional content and possibly take home an amazing gift!

Brijendra Kala is among the lead stars and a much applauded actor.  Kala says “’Panch Kriti’ has a great caste of popular stars. Five separate stories are creatively woven together into a positive family-entertainer film, without unnecessary elements, that will appeal to urban and rural audiences.”

Sannjoy Bhargv helms this unique film. Sanjoy says “we want to deliver a strong message on Indian traditions that mirror a cultural legacy and ancient heritage. All five stories in the film stir the soul thoughts to reinforce the realisation that what and how we live and do in our Indian traditional daily life is humane and not based on any superstitions.”

As a woman producer, Haripriyaa Bharggav, says she was faced with the challenge of drawing from our rich heritage, customs, traditions and Indian rural lifestyle to cull out powerful stories, blend them into creative drama through a amazing cast shaped by a responsible and acclaimed director. She adds that the film and strategy gives stature and space to emerging and amazing talent from remote corners of India, joined by women from rural areas who heartily support the content, and theatre owners and distributors who see brilliant opportunities with the strategy. Haripriyaa beams with joy to note that “one of the stories in our film is women centric.”.

‘Panch Kriti’ is powered by titilating love and heart-warming spiritual songs. Music is composed by Rajesh Swami, and lyrics touch the soul.

‘Panch Kriti’ is entirely filmed in Madhya Pradesh, employing local artists and ancillaries. Photography portrays and promotes the idyllic scenic vistas of Madhya Pradesh. ‘Panch Kriti’ is produced by Haripriyaa Bharggav, and Sannjoy Bhargv under the banner of UBON VISION PVT LTD.

The film releases in theaters across India in the amazing Monsoon season. Producers, directors and promoters are confident of mass appeal, from local to pan-India.


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