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Pharmaceutical Industry Veteran Introduces NutrifyGenie: Revolutionizing Ethical Nutraceuticals with AI


Mumbai, June 8th – The Nutrify Today C Suite Summit 2023 held at the renowned Taj Mahal Palace brought together global leaders in the nutraceutical industry, establishing India’s presence on the responsible nutraceuticals map. The event witnessed the inauguration of NutrifyGenie by Shri Sudarshan Jain, Secretary General of the Indian Pharmaceutical Alliance and a respected veteran in the Indian pharmaceutical sector. Notable figures from government offices, pharmaceutical leaders, and over 300 CXOs worldwide were also present. The introduction of NutrifyGenie marked a new era of AI in responsible nutraceuticals, leaving attendees amazed by its potential. The platform’s streamlined process, backed by clinical, toxicological, intellectual property (IP), and regulatory validation, condensed the typically lengthy six-month ideation and validated claim generation period into a matter of minutes. Currently, NutrifyGenie complies with regulations in 11 countries, igniting a groundbreaking disruption that promises to propel ethical nutraceutical businesses to new heights, ensuring scientific and clinical documentation-based products.

The development of responsible nutraceuticals supported by solid scientific evidence has long been a challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. Demands from consumers and the medical community for evidence-based nutraceutical products prioritizing safety, efficacy, and sustainability have only grown louder. Traditionally, the process of designing and commercializing responsible nutraceuticals would consume 1.5 to 3 years.

However, a game-changing innovation has arrived to reshape the industry. NutrifyGenie, a revolutionary platform, leverages the power of AI to transform nutraceutical development. Imagine the Head of Business at a nutraceutical company engaged in a dynamic debate with the research team, deliberating on ingredient choices for their next groundbreaking dietary supplement. Equipped with NutrifyGenie’s vast database of 2.5 million data points, they explore and select ingredients, simulating their potential effects on the liver based on clinical papers, IP data, non-IP data, and more. Refining formula options is now accomplished in a single intensive session, thanks to the platform’s AI capabilities, which ensure regulatory compliance with country-specific regulations. What would typically take several months can now be achieved swiftly.

But NutrifyGenie doesn’t stop there. The platform seamlessly connects teams with Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs), providing project briefings and facilitating the signing of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) to kickstart the development process. From initial idea to product launch, the entire journey can now be completed within a remarkable nine-month timeframe.

NutrifyGenie proudly stands as the world’s first engine for the design, development, and commercialization of responsible nutraceuticals, utilizing over 2.5 million data points to present regulatory-compliant formulas ready for the market. With adherence to regulations in 20 countries, the platform offers a curated AI Engine that guides the entire journey, from ideation to commercialization of differentiated ethical nutraceutical products. By structuring complex ingredients, incorporating clinical facts, following regulatory guidelines, and optimizing the supply chain, NutrifyGenie cuts the time required to bring products to market by 50%, while expanding the range of differentiated product options by 60%. Its extensive network encompasses 2,800 contract manufacturers, 3,200 ingredient suppliers, 4,000 label and packaging designers, and global warehouses, providing a comprehensive ecosystem.

NutrifyGenie represents the epitome of curated artificial intelligence, rapidly designing responsible nutritional formulas supported by clinical papers, all within the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee. Conceived by founder Amit Srivastava and championed by co-founder Dr. Anand Swaroop, this groundbreaking technology is poised to make a global impact. Founder Amit Srivastava highlights NutrifyGenie’s ability to facilitate the journey from ideation to commercialization of ethical nutraceuticals within just nine months, currently spanning 11 countries.

With NutrifyGenie at the forefront, the nutraceutical industry is poised to receive a significant boost in nutrition and energy.


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