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Latest Technological Advancements and Innovations in the Boiler Industry to be showcased at India Boiler Expo 2023


The expanding industrialization of India is generating considerable demand for energy-efficient and dependable boilers, particularly in industries such as textiles, cement, iron and steel, and chemicals, where steam is required for the production process. To cater to this increasing demand and highlight innovative technologies that focus on sustainability, numerous companies are advancing their boiler offerings in the market.

ACEXM7, a prominent industrial expo organizer, recognizes the importance of showcasing these cutting-edge advancements, and as such, has announced the India Boiler Expo 2023, sponsored by Jindal Steel & Power Limited. The three-day event, set to take place from June 29-July 1 at the Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, will serve as an ideal forum for professionals in the boiler industry to connect, learn, and network.

With a national conclave of boiler and allied industries coming together under one roof, the expo will enable exhibitors specializing in boiler technology, heat exchanger machines, and pressure vessels to display their products and services effectively. The India Boiler Expo 2023 promises to offer an invaluable platform to expand professional networks, forge profitable business alliances, and penetrate the market. Furthermore, attendees can expect to be exposed to the latest technological advancements and innovations in the industry.

India’s drive towards sustainability is catalyzing the adoption of energy-efficient and eco-friendly boilers. The government’s mandate for industries to curb their carbon footprint is compelling manufacturers to turn towards sustainable practices, creating an opportunity for eco-friendly boilers fueled by natural gas and other non-harmful fuels. The rise in demand for these boilers is accompanied by India’s unprecedented industrial expansion, generating a promising market for this industry.

The sector is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 6%, surpassing $194 million by 2024, as India continues to develop technologically. The India Boiler Expo 2023 comes at the perfect time to showcase the latest technological advancements and innovations in the industry. It offers a distinctive platform for networking and professional growth, bringing together experts in the field to exchange knowledge and ideas. The event presents an opportunity for participants to expand their professional networks, broaden their expertise, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

In conclusion, the India Boiler Expo 2023 is a global conclave of boiler and allied industries that offer an excellent opportunity to showcase the latest technologies, innovations, and advancements in the industry. The event will help businesses penetrate the global boiler market, strengthen their export potential, and expand their horizons. Participating in this event will undoubtedly be a valuable experience for anyone involved in the boiler industry.

Ace Exhibitions is a well-known and experienced trade fair organizer that specializes in creating successful B2B shows. They aim to provide exhibitors with valuable leads and brand value by connecting them with their target audience. Their main goal is to maximize clients’ return on investment and foster long-term relationships.

Jindal Steel & Power Limited, a stalwart in the industry, stands as a beacon of excellence and innovation. Their partnership with ACEXM7 as a sponsor for the India Boiler Expo 2023 showcases their unwavering commitment to supporting and promoting advancements in the sector. With their impressive track record and unwavering dedication to quality, Jindal Steel & Power adds immense value to the event, cementing their reputation as a trusted and visionary industry leader.

“We are excited to be the badge and conference partner of the India Boiler Expo 2023, an event that brings together the brightest minds in the industry to exchange ideas, knowledge, and expertise. This expo offers an unparalleled opportunity to showcase our products and services, expand our professional networks, and stay ahead of the curve in the global boiler market.” – Vishal S. Budhia, MD. SteamHouse India Limited.

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