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Same-Sex Marriage Is A Matter Of The Heart, Says Kangana Ranaut


Actress Kangana Ranaut said during a recent visit to Haridwar that a marriage is between two hearts and that if two people have a strong love, then their sexual orientation should not matter.

Kangana was questioned about same-sex marriage after the Supreme Court heard arguments in favour of it.

“Jo shaadi hoti hai, woh dil ke rishte hote hai, ye sab hi jante hai,” Kangana said. Marriage is a matter of the heart, as said in the proverb Jab logo ke dil mil gaye hai, baaki kuch logo ki jo preference hai, and usme hum kya bol sakte hai. Everyone is aware of it. What can we say about people's preferences after hearts have been united?

On Twitter, Kangana previously voiced her opinions on the current Supreme Court case involving same-sex marriage.

“Whether you are a man, woman, or anything other, please remember that your gender is of no concern to anybody except you. Today, we simply refer to actors and directors as actors and directors instead of using the terms actresses or female directors. Your identity is based on what you accomplish in the world, not what you do in bed.

Whatever your sexual inclinations are, they must stay in your bed exclusively, she continued. Don't use them as your badge of identification or as awards that you wear everywhere. Most essential, refrain from chasing people around with a knife to slit their throats because they don't share your gender.

“I'll say it again: Don't let your gender define who you are. I am a woman from a rural location, therefore I had to carve out a place for myself in the industry of actors, filmmakers, producers, and writers.


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