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This Ranchi restaurant's mutton curry is a favorite of MS Dhoni


The delicious mutton meal served at Ranchi's Sarna Hotel, which is located in Daladili Sabji Market on Ring Road, draws a sizable audience each day. In contrast to the calm atmosphere of a fine dining establishment, the Sarna Hotel often has a throng of people because of its mutton curry and rice.

Finding a table is seen as a stroke of luck since tourists often have to wait in line to sample the delicacy made from mutton. The mutton dish at the Sarna Hotel is so well-liked that it attracts diners from far and wide and has become a residents' favorite.

According to the hotel's proprietor, Sarna Hotel also often draws local politicians, as well as MS Dhoni, Ranchi's mascot.

The Sarna Hotel has reportedly been operating for around one and a half years, according to Peter, the proprietor. The mutton dish was not well received in the beginning, and the hotel used to only make one kilogram of mutton each day.

However, owing to the hotel's amazing daily serving of 70 to 80 kg of mutton, there are sometimes leftovers. Perhaps one of the main draws for clients is the mutton curry's cost. Customers may get as much rice and gravy as they like with a dish of mutton curry and rice for just Rs 130.

Due to its delectable mutton dish, the hotel has become a favorite among inhabitants from all areas of Ranchi, including Bariatu, Dhurva, and Singh Mor Chuki. In addition, people come from nearby places like Tata and Kolkata to enjoy the mutton at the Sarna Hotel. This notable change in the hotel's financial situation is a tribute to the outstanding quality of its cuisine and the devoted clientele it has amassed over time.

What makes the mutton so unique?

According to Peter, the Sarna Hotel's mutton dish is distinguished by its brevity and cleanliness. “Unlike other restaurants, we keep to a straightforward recipe that was handed down from our great-grandmothers. Other restaurants often overspice their food. To make the mutton, which is produced in households, we only use native spices. Our strategy involves using a carefully crafted mixture of spices that harmoniously blend together, according to Peter.

According to Peter, the flavors of the mutton dish represent the Sarna Hotel's philosophy that the greatest cuisine is prepared using basic but properly chosen components.

Politicians and ministers alike like this location. Bandhu Tirkey, a former Mandar MLA, and Sudesh Mahto, the head of the AJSU, are just two of the numerous well-known people who often stay at the hotel.

The restaurant is open from 10:30 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon if you're eager to experience the well-known meal for yourself. until find the location, just use Google Maps. Thursdays still see no business at the hotel.


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